WHY R-Mark MAtters

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Building a warehouse can be painstaking. The Rack Manufacturer Institute simplifies the process.

Getting started and choosing a manufacturer can be the most challenging part of the process. The Rack Manufacturer’s Institute provides resources that inform customers and the industry that a manufacturer’s design process, calculations, and component capacities are trustworthy and in line with industry standards, known as R-Mark Certification.

The RMI has formed a list of essential and impartial guidelines to ensure a manufacturer is R-Mark certified.

  • Licensee must be a manufacturer of Industrial Steel Storage Racks or Welded Wire Rack Decking (as defined in the by-laws of RMI)
  • Licensee may manufacture their products anywhere in the world, provided that the products are used in the USA
  • RMI membership is NOT required to receive an R-Mark License
  • R-Mark can only be applied to product that conforms to and within the scope of the RMI/ANSI Standards as approved by the general membership of RMI
  • Licensing procedures/guidelines/frequency are developed, determined, and directed by membership of RMI
  • R-Mark may only be applied by a cognizant USA Registered Professional Engineer employed by the Licensee.

We often see customers who, to cut costs, utilize foreign steel or lower-quality domestic to build a system. While capacities in the catalog may look similar to higher-quality, higher-priced goods, the R-Mark ensures peace of mind. However, using R-Mark material is just one of many factors in ensuring a quality project. Seismic codes, load types, and thorough engineering combine to help deliver excellent outcomes for the customer.

What can I do to prevent beam deflection?

  • Regular safety inspections ensure proper oversight and compliance with industry racking standards.
  • Current engineering calculations and load capacity signs help employees better understand the system’s limits.
  • Educating employees on appropriate rack capacity and use of each level is critical to maximizing the system while keeping safety a priority.

More information on the Rack Manufacturer Institute and a list of R-Mark certified companies can be found here, and we look forward to continuing to be a resource for your efforts.

Source: https://www.mhi.org/rmi/rmark