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Warehouse racking permits are designed to minimize product damage and keep work environments safe for employees. If you own a warehouse, you may be wondering—do you need a warehouse storage rack permit?


In most cases, the answer is yes. But the type of permit you need, the associated fees, and the process of getting your permit may vary depending on the warehouse and location.

Do You Need a Warehouse Racking Permit?

If you have racking that is more than 5’ 9” tall, state-building services and code enforcement require you to have a warehouse racking permit. Regions in seismic design categories D or E (such as Salt Lake City) are also required to have special racking inspections on racks that are 8’ in height or greater.


In order for a permit to be issued, the racking must be up to standards as issued by the building code, fire department, and local zoning.


What Permits Do You Need?


Any warehouse with racking taller than 5’9” must have a building permit and fire permit. Keep in mind—the specifics of these requirements may vary depending on your location, so it’s best to get in touch with local code enforcement to find out if there are any changes in your area.


What Fees Come with Racking Permits?


Building permit fees are calculated based on the value of the specific racking installation. This cost is usually 10-30% of the total value of the project, but again, these amounts may differ depending on where your warehouse is located.


Fire permit fees are determined by local officials, so you’ll need to consult them to find out the cost of this type of permit.

How Do You Obtain a Racking Permit?


The process of getting a racking permit depends on your county or state, but there are a few general steps you can expect. Here’s what you need to do in order to obtain your warehouse racking permit.


  • Provide CAD drawings to show racking dimensions, location, etc.
  • Get seismic calculations and provide the approximate load limits of the racking.
  • Fill out permit forms and turn them in to the proper authorities.
  • Install racking once the permit is turned in and approved.
    • Get an independent inspection to make sure racking is properly installed.
    • Get a permit inspection to complete the process.
  • Receive your final permit and begin to use your racking.

Learn More about Racking Installation

If you own a warehouse, you probably need a racking permit to ensure your warehouse racking is properly installed and meets all local codes. But you may still have questions about the process of getting a warehouse storage rack permit, or how to safely install your racking. Check out Bold Approved for everything you need to know about warehouse safety, inspections, racking installation, and more.