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Pallet Rack Safety Inspections for Warehouse Maintenance

Pallet rack safety inspections are an essential part of warehouse maintenance. Even the most well-maintained racking can become damaged or subject to stress, and regular racking safety audits will ensure your inventory and warehouse employees are safe from harm.

A pallet racking audit will provide vital information, reporting on the condition of your racks, and any fixes that need to be made. An audit will also let you know if your racks are overloaded or being used improperly.

Now that you understand the importance of racking safety audits, you may be wondering—how often should warehouse racking be inspected?

How Often Should Warehouse Racking Be Inspected?

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Warehouse racking should be inspected a minimum of every 12 months. However, there may be situations that require an audit to be done more often. Some signs your warehouse racking may need more frequent inspection include:

  • Missing bolts
  • Broken or bent frames
  • Busted anchors
  • Erosion
  • Damage to the front of racking
  • Bowing
  • Unscrewed flanged crossbars
  • Dislodged beams
  • Not enough clearance when loading or unloading
  • Overloaded pallets
  • Uneven distribution of inventory

What Should a Pallet Safety Inspection Look Like?

All warehouse racking maintenance should be performed by a reputable and competent inspector. It’s best to get in touch with the pallet manufacturer to learn the standards for weight loadings on your particular pallets. You may also conduct the inspection yourself, as long as you have a thorough understanding of pallet racking standards (consider taking a safety inspection training before you begin).

Here’s what a pallet safety inspection should look like:

  • Inspect racking for dangerous elements.
  • Check columns for damages or bends.
  • Analyze braces to make sure they’re in sound condition.
  • Make sure all frames are properly bolted and have proper anchors.
  • Look out for any protruding load locks.
  • Inspect rails at the end of the aisle.
  • Make sure frames are properly labeled with the weight capacity.

After a thorough inspection, it’s important to follow through by mitigating risks related to your warehouse pallet racks and fixing any damage.

What Could Happen If You Don’t Perform Racking Safety Audits

Keep in mind that if you don’t perform racking safety audits, costly damage could occur to your racking and inventory. Damaged racking could also lead to the injury of an employee, and you could face serious legal consequences. In the worst-case scenario, the workplace health and safety department could even shut down your warehouse.

For these reasons, it’s vital to perform regular pallet racking safety audits and ensure your pallet racking is in compliance.

Make Your Warehouse Safer Today

If you need to conduct a safety or conformity inspection of your warehouse, contact Bold Approved. We’re eager to help make your warehouse safer and stay in compliance with health and safety regulations. We offer a wide range of inspection packages and are well-versed in pallet rack safety inspections. Check out our service areas and service packages today to get started.