Warehouse Safety Inspections & Audits

Just as you follow tax guidelines from the IRS and compliance laws that relate to your business, it’s essential to follow the guidelines for general warehouse safety. A warehouse safety inspection will ensure you’re in keeping with the guidelines and let you know where you need to make improvements. This will mitigate risk and help you keep your business running smoothly, even in the case of natural disasters or other disruptions.


Are Warehouse Safety Audits Really That Important?


Warehouse safety audits take some time to schedule and prepare for. Once they’re completed, you may need to make changes and repairs to your warehouse. So it’s natural to wonder: are warehouse safety audits really that important?


Yes! Even if you believe your warehouse is in keeping with general warehouse safety guidelines, there could be some problems only an expert can spot. A safety audit will force you to go through a warehouse safety checklist or even prepare with a warehouse safety training course, which will help make your warehouse a safer environment.


Here are just a few dangerous problems that may be difficult to spot without a warehouse safety or conformity inspection.


  • Bent racking pallets
  • Blocked emergency exits
  • Electrical wiring hazards
  • Lack of fire safety equipment
  • Improper lockout processes
  • Hazardous
  • Poor handling of materials

What Does a Warehouse Safety Inspection Look Like?


When you hire a reputable safety inspection company like Bold Approved, you may wonder what the inspection will entail. Bold Approved offers customized inspections that ensure your business is within all of the compliance standards for your company. Rather than focusing on a sales pitch, we deliver fair and honest evaluations that are quick and unobtrusive.


Our  warehouse inspection services include:


  • Checking for overloaded systems
  • Making sure the warehouse is prepared in case of a natural disaster
  • Inspecting for damage caused by impact
  • Assuring storage systems are properly installed
  • Confirming state and federal compliance standards are met

What Can You Do to Prepare for Your Next Audit?


If you have an upcoming warehouse safety inspection, there are many things you can do to ensure your audit is a success, such as:

  • Assess your existing warehouse conditions.
  • Look over updated safety standards.
  • Review a warehouse safety inspection checklist.
  • Make repairs and create new systems as needed.
  • Exceed minimum standards.
  • Hire an expert.

Contact Bold Approved to learn more about our services and how we can keep your site safe. We have all the experience and expertise needed to help you get ready for an audit and make your warehouse a compliant and safe work environment.

You Have Safety Goals. Let BOLD Guide You Through Achieving Them.

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