Ryan Peck, a well-respected leader in the material handling industry, today announced the launch of BOLD, a progressive material handling firm that offers customized inspection services for distributors, integrators, manufacturers and end-users.  After more than 17 years in the industry, Peck started this new venture after noticing a need for modernizing processes in an industry with constantly changing safety standards and shorter completion times.




“My career started when I was just 17 years old working for my dad, and every experience since then has pointed me towards this step – starting BOLD is a way to fill a gap that seems to exist in a rapidly changing industry,” said Peck.  “BOLD will deliver streamlined processes, incorporate new technology and deliver inspection services to our customer base with integrity.”



Rack installations have gone from anonymous warehouses to a part of everyday consumers’ lives with big-box retail and home improvement stores exposing the public to an environment that was previously limited.  Today, consumer’s lives are touched by pallet rack and warehousing daily, sometimes the consumer sees it at a retailer and other times the product that was stored on rack arrives at their home or office from a major online retailer through omnichannel distribution.  These changes along with how rapidly safety codes change and state-to-state compliance challenges make the process of installation and maintenance a complex one that requires wisdom, experience and organization.  BOLD will offer clients peace of mind and security when starting a project but will also provide forward thinking and training solutions in advance of industry shifts that come rapidly.



Peck has worked in almost every facet of the material handling industry including a manufacturer, distributor and started and owned a successful installation business. This experience, along with his vision for modernizing the industry for the inspection sector is a recipe for success as BOLD looks toward 2019 and beyond.



To stay connected with BOLD via social media, it can be found at www.boldapproved.com