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BOLD's service offerings are geared towards four areas:

  • Overall Safety
  • Government Standards
  • Damage Assessment
  • Structural Soundness

And while we focus on these four areas, every warehouse and storage operation is different. As such, the areas of improvement for each operation is different as well. So each inspection is custom tailored to meet the unique needs of your operation. Ensuring that at the end of every inspection your warehouse is certified safe, in compliance, and 100% BOLD APPROVED.

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Safety Inspection

Safety inspections evaluate a system’s structural integrity, ensures load capacities are properly displayed, and verifies that both your product and people are safe.

Conformity Inspection

Conformity inspections ensure government standard compliance for installation, manufacturing, and engineering calculations at state and federal levels.

Damage Inspection

Damage inspections examine deficiencies and risk caused by fork lift impacts, overloaded systems, and natural disasters.

Structural Inspection

Structural inspections help ensure the system is installed per local building codes and manufacturer specifications.

Services with Seizmic Inc.

Bold’s strategic partnership with Seizmic Inc. provides the ability to offer the following services in addition to our safety inspections:
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Licensed in all 50 states, Seizmic analyzes and designs material handling systems for manufactures, distributors, and end users.
Permit Management
A dedicated team that specializes in working with jurisdictions across the country to obtain the necessary permits and documentation.
Manufactured in California, we offer customized fabrication for any special engineered products.
Structural Testing
Product testing, quality control, and destructive testing for engineers, manufacturers, and inspectors.

Some Companies We’ve Worked With: