Conformity Inspections

SEMA Racking Inspections – Meet Warehouse Safety Standards

Warehouse racking safety standards may not be at the top of your mind as you run your company, but in reality, meeting OSHA standards is just as important as who you hire or how much inventory you’re selling. Why?

Because OSHA warehouse storage regulations are designed to keep your employees and your inventory safe from injury, legal trouble, and damage that could come as a consequence of disregarding unsafe, damaged racking. If you ignore pallet racking standards for too long, it could end up costing you your business.

OSHA Warehouse Storage Regulations

So what comprises OSHA warehouse racking regulations? You can learn more about the specifics in a safety inspection training, but most racking requirements relate to one of the following categories:

  • Racking is installed improperly: Safe racking starts with the installation process. A warehouse racking safety inspection will ensure that the warehouse team has followed proper steps when installing racks, using the right anchoring system, bracing, and manufacturer design.
  • Damages to racking: Racking can become damaged in numerous ways over time, such as getting dented, dinged, or bent. All of these damages add to the risk of injury or harm.
  • Racks are modified in an unsafe way: Sometimes damaged racks are temporarily fixed with random fasteners or pieces of metal, but these modifications also increase the risk of harm in the warehouse.
  • Not posting rack capacities: Pallet racks can be very dangerous when overloaded, causing them to bend, break, or even collapse. For this reason, posting pallet rack capacities is essential to warehouse safety.

Keeping Up with Warehouse Racking Safety Standards & Regulations

Keeping up with safety standards may seem overwhelming, but regular warehouse racking safety inspections can help mitigate risk and injury. Contact Bold Approved to learn more about our inspection packages.

As experts in risk assessment for warehouse racking, our inspections include a detailed evaluation of the structural integrity of your racking, along with recommendations for how to improve. We make sure all load capacities are properly displayed and give advice on preparing for natural disasters. Get in touch today to learn more about our service areas.